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Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” Performance Is Simply Angelic

The unexpected collaboration of Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson on “Shallow” turned out to be a delightful surprise we never anticipated. The original hit by Gaga and Bradley Cooper was already rich in vocal prowess, yet it soared to unprecedented heights with the combined voices of Gaga and Clarkson on this ballad.

A creative YouTuber named Blighght masterfully blended live renditions of “Shallow” by the two artists, creating a seamless mashup that feels utterly authentic. Initially, I was convinced it was a genuine duet, thanks to how effortlessly their voices melded together in the song. This unique version of “Shallow” has garnered 4.6 million views on YouTube, as showcased here:

The mashup starts with Clarkson’s rendition of the first verse, delivering it with a subtle and personal touch. Gaga follows suit, maintaining the mellow mood while playing the piano. The intensity builds as they alternate in the pre-chorus and then unite their voices in the chorus, crafting a truly magnificent moment.

The combination of these vocal powerhouses on “Shallow” is a real gem, and Blighght’s arrangement makes it flow effortlessly. It’s evident that Gaga and Clarkson should seriously consider an official collaboration, given the undeniable synergy in their vocals. For a taste of Clarkson’s captivating live cover of “Shallow” from her Green Bay, Wisconsin concert, check out the link below:

Clarkson has a talent for selecting covers that fit her style perfectly, and her rendition of “Shallow” is no exception. At the concert, she expressed her admiration for Gaga’s work on the song with Bradley Cooper, stating, “I thought she and Bradley Cooper did an awesome job. We’re gonna do our version of it ’cause obviously, I don’t have a Bradley Cooper here. So I’m just holding it down.”

Clarkson also shared her respect for Gaga, recalling a past encounter where Gaga, after opening for Clarkson at an event, sent her a handwritten note of thanks. Clarkson praised Gaga as “the nicest lady ever,” highlighting their mutual love for music despite their different styles.

Despite the departure from Gaga’s usual dance-pop anthems, “Shallow” has become one of her most iconic tracks. It stands as her top song on Spotify with 2.2 billion streams, significantly outperforming her second most popular track, “Poker Face.”

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