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Taylor Swift Delights Elderly WWII Vet and Avid Fan with Christmas Visit

In a heartwarming Christmas surprise, megastar Taylor Swift delighted 96-year-old World War II veteran and devoted fan Cyrus Porter by making an unannounced visit to play a tune and have a conversation. Swift was greeted with overwhelming excitement, and after the enthusiastic cheers subsided, she delighted everyone with an acoustic rendition of her popular song “Shake It Off,” leading to a joyful sing-along.

Swift began by extending Christmas greetings to the family and sharing high-fives with the children, then turned to Mr. Porter, mentioning, “After seeing a video my dad showed me of you expressing a desire to attend a concert, I thought, why wait for the next tour? Let’s have a concert right here with some of your favorite songs.” Experience the touching moment here:

Accompanied by her parents, Swift engaged in a heartfelt conversation with Mr. Porter, during which she revealed her own grandfather’s service in World War II. Overwhelmed, Mr. Porter exclaimed his disbelief and shared a lively war anecdote, showcasing his vigor at 96. Swift then strummed an energetic “Shake It Off” on her guitar, prompting the younger family members to dance and everyone to join in singing. Relive the moment Swift entered Mr. Porter’s home:

The video, shared by family member Chris Porter, highlighted Swift’s humility and grace. He praised Swift for her discreet entrance and her genuine, humble reaction to their enthusiastic welcome, stating, “Taylor Swift demonstrated true integrity and character, remaining unassuming despite our exuberant cheers.” Enjoy Swift’s performance of “Shake It Off” with her full live setup in this video:

Swift’s penchant for personally connecting with her fans is well-documented, and this intimate event is another testament to her generosity. Fans online echoed this sentiment, lauding Swift’s down-to-earth nature and her ability to create unforgettable experiences, with comments like “She’s genuinely kind and relatable, truly cherishing her interactions with people. This event is incredibly touching and heartwarming.”

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