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Jerry Reed Entertains with “She Got the Goldmine”

“She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)” is a country song performed by Jerry Reed. It was released in 1982 as a single from his album “The Man with the Golden Thumb.” Here’s some information about the song:

The lyrics of “She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)” tell a humorous and cautionary tale about a man who goes through a costly divorce. The title phrase reflects the narrator’s perspective on the financial outcome of the divorce, with his ex-wife seemingly benefiting from the split. The song uses clever wordplay and comedic elements to convey the frustrations and pitfalls of divorce.

Jerry Reed’s delivery of the song is characterized by his distinctive fingerstyle guitar playing and his animated vocal performance. The track features a lively and upbeat country sound with a touch of rockabilly influence, showcasing Reed’s versatility as a musician and entertainer. The humorous and tongue-in-cheek nature of the song is complemented by Reed’s charismatic delivery.

Released as a single, “She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)” became one of Jerry Reed’s most successful songs. It topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in 1982, marking its commercial success. The song’s catchy chorus and comedic storytelling resonated with country music fans, and it remains one of Reed’s signature hits.

The enduring popularity of “She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)” lies in its humorous approach to a relatable theme and Jerry Reed’s entertaining performance. The song is often remembered as a lighthearted and memorable contribution to the country music genre.

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