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Lauren Spencer-Smith, 11, and Keith Urban’s Sunfest 2015 duet of “Make You Feel My Love” amazed everyone

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this outstanding rendition of an Adele tune at Sunfest, Florida, back in 2015. The performance stars Keith Urban from Australia and Lauren Spencer-Smith, a contestant from American Idol, collaborating on Adele’s (originally by Dylan) “Make You Feel My Love,” to the delight of the audience. The remarkable part? Lauren was just eleven years old at the time of the recording!

Keith shares that he organizes a contest at each concert to select a fan to join him on stage for a song. This time, he chose two, and Lauren was one of the lucky picks. It’s rare to find adults who can confidently perform alongside Keith Urban to a large audience, making Lauren’s accomplishment at such a young age even more impressive.

Lauren’s rendition was spot-on, winning over the crowd instantly. Born in Portsmouth, England, on September 23, 2003, Lauren moved to Canada with her family when she was three. She was raised around Vancouver Island, where she quickly developed a passion for music and performance, participating in a school talent show by the age of six.

Launching her YouTube channel at eleven, Lauren’s subscriber count has soared to 702,000, with several videos surpassing a million views. Recently, she’s been sharing her original music, adding a new dimension to her channel.

In 2019, Lauren released two collections titled Unplugged Vol 1 and Vol 2. The first volume earned a Juno nomination for Adult Contemporary Album Of The Year, narrowly missing the win to Bryan Adams—a commendable rival, indeed.

Lauren gained broader recognition after competing in American Idol in 2020, where she reached the top 20. Her global profile surged in 2022 with the self-released hit “Fingers Crossed,” achieving chart-topping success in multiple countries. This acclaim, coupled with her YouTube popularity, has significantly boosted her net worth, hinting at a promising future in music.

Keith Urban, meanwhile, enjoys global fame, not just for his music but also as Nicole Kidman’s husband. The couple has two daughters. With twelve studio albums and over fifty music awards, Keith’s career is illustrious. He’s also been open about his past battles with addiction, showing resilience and recovery post-rehab in 2006.

The performance at Sunfest marked a significant moment for both artists. Keith Urban’s decision to bring Lauren on stage was a testament to his commitment to fostering new talent and connecting with fans. This collaboration showcased Lauren’s exceptional vocal talent, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and viewers worldwide. Her ability to perform alongside a seasoned artist like Keith Urban at such a young age was truly remarkable, and it set the stage for her future success in the music industry.

Lauren’s YouTube channel, which she started at eleven, has become a platform for her to share both covers and original music, attracting a substantial following. Her journey in music has been marked by significant milestones, including her participation in American Idol and her successful releases on streaming platforms. As she continues to grow as an artist, Lauren’s early experiences, like the unforgettable performance at Sunfest, highlight her potential and promise in the world of music.

Keith Urban’s career, marked by numerous accolades and personal triumphs, continues to inspire and influence aspiring musicians. His openness about his struggles and his dedication to his craft make him a respected figure in the music industry. The Sunfest performance with Lauren Spencer-Smith not only delighted the audience but also reinforced Keith’s reputation as a mentor and supporter of emerging talent.

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