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Alabama Mesmerizes with “Feels So Right”

“Feels So Right” is a country song performed by the American band Alabama. It was released in 1981 as the title track of their fifth studio album. Here’s some information about the song:

The lyrics of “Feels So Right” convey the emotions of being in a loving and intimate relationship. The narrator expresses the feelings of contentment, happiness, and security that come with being with a special someone. The song captures the essence of a romantic connection that feels perfect and brings a sense of fulfillment.

Alabama’s delivery of “Feels So Right” is characterized by their signature harmonies and a melodic country-pop sound. The song features a smooth and mellow arrangement, contributing to its romantic and easy-listening qualities. The track showcases Alabama’s ability to create catchy and emotionally resonant country songs.

“Feels So Right” became one of Alabama’s most successful songs. It topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and also crossed over to the pop charts, reaching a wide audience. The song’s success contributed to Alabama’s prominence in the country music scene during the 1980s.

The enduring appeal of “Feels So Right” lies in its timeless theme of love and the band’s ability to craft a song that remains both relatable and enjoyable for listeners. The track has become a classic in Alabama’s catalog and continues to be celebrated as one of their signature hits.

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