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Teddy Swims’ Haunting “Tennessee Whiskey” Version – Leaves Us in Tears

Jaten Dimsdale, widely recognized as Teddy Swims, is an Atlanta, Georgia-based singer/songwriter who has quickly made waves in the music scene after inking a deal with Warner Records.

His rendition of this beloved track has captivated listeners, with many fans expressing a preference for his version over the original. This cover has amassed more than 41 million views on YouTube, becoming the platform’s top rendition of this timeless tune. Experience his mesmerizing cover here:

With a robust following of 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube, Swims’ channel is a homage to a diverse array of musical styles. He demonstrates his versatile vocal prowess by covering famous tracks from genres like soul, R&B, ballads, country, and rock. Enjoy Swims’ soul-stirring rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” in this video:

Swims effortlessly bridges the divide across music genres, boldly covering a wide range of songs. His notable vocal flexibility and soul-infused approach enable him to masterfully cover major hits, including but not limited to Luther Vandross’s “Never too Much,” Chris Stapleton’s beloved “Tennessee Whiskey,” and Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You.”

In each cover, Swims infuses his distinct flair and infectious enthusiasm, often seen enjoying the moment, smiling and laughing as he delivers his captivating performances.

It’s hardly surprising that Swims’ recent track “Broke” saw him collaborating with country icon Thomas Rhett. Their collaboration highlights a seamless partnership, with Swims complementing Rhett in a performance that seems like they’ve been a duo for ages, living up to the high expectations fans have for Swims.

His cover of Mario’s “Let Me Love You” has also seen incredible success, attracting an astonishing 35 million views on YouTube. The video features Swims donning a poncho and showcasing his dynamic vocal range and texture. Swims’ unique blend of blues, country, and soul in his vocal style mesmerizes his audience, providing a compelling performance backed by his close-knit band, “Elefvnts.”

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