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Johnny Lee Infuses Magic into “Cherokee Fiddle”

“Cherokee Fiddle” is a country song performed by Johnny Lee. It was released in 1982 as a single from his album “Bet Your Heart on Me.” The song, written by Michael Garvin and Tom Shapiro, tells the story of a man who becomes enamored with a woman playing a Cherokee fiddle, which is a traditional Native American musical instrument.

The lyrics of “Cherokee Fiddle” are whimsical and romantic, with the narrator expressing fascination and attraction to the woman playing the fiddle. The song has a catchy, upbeat melody and features the distinctive sound of the Cherokee fiddle itself, giving it a unique and memorable quality.

Johnny Lee’s rendition of “Cherokee Fiddle” was well-received, and the song became a hit on the country charts, reaching the Top 10. Its success contributed to Johnny Lee’s popularity during the early 1980s. The song showcases Lee’s smooth vocals and the storytelling prowess that made him a respected figure in country music.

“Cherokee Fiddle” remains one of Johnny Lee’s signature songs and is remembered for its infectious melody and the charming narrative woven into its lyrics. The fusion of traditional country sounds with the theme of the Cherokee fiddle adds to the song’s distinctive appeal within the country music genre.

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