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Ray Price’s Impactful Rendition “Heartaches By the Number”

“Heartaches by the Number” is a classic country song originally written by Harlan Howard and recorded by Guy Mitchell in 1959. However, one of the most famous and enduring versions of the song was recorded by Ray Price. Ray Price’s rendition was released in 1959 and became one of his signature songs.

The song’s lyrics depict the heartache and emotional pain caused by a lost love. The narrator counts the many heartaches he’s experienced, emphasizing the depth of his emotional turmoil. Despite the sadness in the lyrics, the song is delivered in an upbeat and catchy manner, characteristic of the country-pop crossover style popular in the late 1950s.

Ray Price’s smooth baritone voice and the polished production of the song contributed to its success. “Heartaches by the Number” became a major hit for Ray Price, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and crossing over to the pop charts.

Over the years, “Heartaches by the Number” has been covered by numerous artists, but Ray Price’s version remains one of the most iconic renditions. The song is a timeless classic in the country music genre and has left a lasting impact on the history of country music.

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