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Little Texas’ Musical Narrative “What Might Have Been”

“What Might Have Been” is a country song by Little Texas. It was released in 1993 as the second single from their album “Big Time.” The song, written by Porter Howell and Brady Seals of Little Texas, is a ballad that reflects on lost love and the “what ifs” of a past relationship. Here’s some information about the song:

“What Might Have Been” became one of Little Texas’s signature songs and a major hit on the country charts. The lyrics depict a contemplative narrator who looks back on a failed relationship and wonders about the possibilities and potential that were lost. The chorus includes the poignant lines: “What might have been is still might be; / Though it’s hard to say goodbye; / You will always be the apple of my eye.”

The emotional depth of the song is complemented by the band’s harmonies and the melodic structure that characterizes many of Little Texas’s ballads. The song’s theme of reflection on a past love struck a chord with listeners and contributed to its success.

“What Might Have Been” reached high positions on the country charts and remains one of Little Texas’s most well-known and enduring songs. It is often remembered as a classic ballad from the early 1990s country music scene.

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