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Kris Jones: The Singing Dad Who Captivated All with “Tennessee Whiskey”

“Tennessee Whiskey,” originally by David Allan Coe in 1981, gained renewed popularity with Chris Stapleton’s R&B-infused rendition on his 2015 debut album, “Traveller.” This version sparked a trend on social media, with many fans posting their own covers, as noted by Country Thang Daily.

Among these, Kris Jones’ 2017 performance in a Home Depot parking lot stands out as the most viewed, with his daughter Dayla prompting him to showcase his singing talent. According to Country Music Family, the video amassed 70 million views across social platforms in just over a year.

Viewer Mr Jinx praised Jones’ natural talent in a comment, highlighting the lack of any sound enhancements and the visible pride of his daughter Dayla, who joyfully reacts and lip-syncs alongside her father. The video is as much a testament to their father-daughter bond as it is to Jones’ vocal prowess.

Destinie Jones, Dayla’s mother, shared the parking lot video on Facebook, which eventually led to an invitation from Ellen DeGeneres for Kris and Dayla to appear on her show. There, Jones shared his deferred dream of becoming a singer. Following this exposure, Jones released an EP in 2018 that charted in the country music scene. Below is the Chris Stapleton hit that inspired Jones’ viral cover:

Jones’ backstory is one of resilience; growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, with a diverse family background that led to challenges fitting in. Music became his refuge, from choir performances to karaoke contests. After a tumultuous youth, including a significant period of incarceration, Jones focused on rebuilding his life post-release, encouraged by his wife to pursue music further.

Despite a brief flirtation with shows like American Idol and The Voice, and even an appearance on The Four, Jones’ music career hasn’t soared as hoped. Nonetheless, he remains content with his family life, forever cherished as the “Tennessee Whiskey Dad.”

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