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George Strait Seating Emotions in ‘The Chair’

“The Chair” is a country song performed by George Strait. It was written by Hank Cochran and Dean Dillon and released as a single in 1985. The song is part of George Strait’s album “Something Special.”

The lyrics of “The Chair” tell the story of a chance encounter and flirtation between the narrator and a woman at a bar. The woman asks the narrator to dance, and as they converse, the narrator is struck by her beauty and captivated by her presence. The twist in the story comes when the woman points to an empty chair and mentions that it’s where she usually sits.

George Strait’s smooth and traditional country delivery, combined with the clever and playful lyrics, contributed to the song’s success. “The Chair” became a major hit for Strait, reaching the top of the country charts in the United States.

The song is notable for its clever wordplay and the charming narrative that unfolds. George Strait’s performance of “The Chair” has made it a signature song in his extensive catalog, and it remains a favorite among country music fans for its timeless quality and romantic theme.

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