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Clint Black Killing It with ‘Killin’ Time’

“Killin’ Time” is a country song performed by Clint Black. It was written by Clint Black and Hayden Nicholas and released as the debut single and title track from Clint Black’s 1989 album, “Killin’ Time.”

The lyrics of the song reflect on the narrator’s experience of heartache and the passing of time. The phrase “killin’ time” is used to describe the aimless and painful waiting period that the narrator endures while dealing with the aftermath of a broken relationship.

“Killin’ Time” became a massive hit for Clint Black, reaching the top of the country charts in the United States. The song’s success contributed to Clint Black’s rise to prominence in the country music scene.

The track is known for its traditional country sound, with Black’s distinctive vocals and a twangy guitar-driven melody. The success of “Killin’ Time” helped establish Clint Black as a significant figure in country music, and the album of the same name went on to become a commercial success.

The song remains one of Clint Black’s most well-known and enduring hits, and it is often celebrated for its relatable lyrics and classic country sound.

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