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Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman’s Charming Rendition of “The Fighter” in the Car Screams #CoupleGoals

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s rendition of “The Fighter” in their car epitomizes #CoupleGoals. From the get-go, their synergy is palpable, beginning with a playful skit that sets the tone. An unexpected skip in the music momentarily interrupts Urban’s part, but he seamlessly rejoins the melody just in time for the sweeping romantic chorus.

As they engage in the song’s call-and-response sections, Kidman playfully acts out her lines, reminiscent of a Disney princess serenading her love. Their dynamic presence in the video solidifies their status as one of Australia’s most beloved power duos. The video, captured on a smartphone, has resonated widely, attracting 10 million views on Urban’s YouTube channel, as showcased below.

“The Fighter,” a highlight from Urban’s ninth album “Ripcord,” originally features the talents of American country star Carrie Underwood. While Urban and Underwood’s official music video is a hit, the spontaneous energy of Urban and Kidman jamming in their car offers a unique charm.

Although Kidman’s vocals are somewhat subdued in the recording, the clarity of her performance when audible is impressive. Given her notable roles in major musical productions like Baz Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge!,” her vocal prowess is no surprise. Kidman has even accompanied Urban on stage before, notably for a heartfelt acoustic rendition of “Parallel Line,” viewable here.

Choosing “The Fighter” as a duet seems fitting for the couple, with lyrics reflecting a man’s unwavering support for his partner. Urban has mentioned that the song was inspired by his relationship with Kidman, stating in an interview with The Boot that the song’s heartfelt lyrics were influenced by their early conversations and commitments to each other.

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