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Bobby Bare’s Touching Delivery in “Marie Laveau”

“Marie Laveau” is a song by Bobby Bare that was released in 1974. The song is written by Shel Silverstein, who was known for his clever and often humorous songwriting. The narrative of “Marie Laveau” revolves around the legendary voodoo queen Marie Laveau from New Orleans.

In the song, the narrator seeks the help of Marie Laveau to win back the love of his life. Marie Laveau is portrayed as a mystical figure with the power to influence love and relationships. The lyrics describe the rituals and magic associated with Marie Laveau’s voodoo practices.

Bobby Bare’s delivery of the song, combined with Shel Silverstein’s storytelling prowess, gives “Marie Laveau” a lively and engaging quality. The song features a catchy melody and reflects the folk and storytelling traditions in country music.

“Marie Laveau” became one of Bobby Bare’s successful songs, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in 1974. The song remains a notable example of storytelling within the country music genre and showcases the creative collaboration between Bobby Bare and Shel Silverstein.

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