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Lefty Frizzell’s A Timeless Tale Saginaw, Michigan

“Saginaw, Michigan” is a classic country song performed by Lefty Frizzell. It was written by Bill Anderson and Don Wayne and released by Lefty Frizzell in 1964. The song became one of Frizzell’s most successful hits.

In “Saginaw, Michigan,” Lefty Frizzell tells the story of a man who is working in Saginaw, Michigan, with the intention of earning money to buy a wedding ring for his sweetheart back home. The lyrics humorously recount the challenges he faces, including a fishing trip that leads to the acquisition of a “twenty-pound catfish” instead of the intended engagement ring.

Lefty Frizzell’s smooth and emotive vocal delivery, coupled with the clever storytelling in the lyrics, contributed to the song’s popularity. “Saginaw, Michigan” reached the top of the country charts, becoming one of Frizzell’s signature songs.

The song’s success solidified Lefty Frizzell’s status as a country music legend, and “Saginaw, Michigan” remains a classic example of storytelling in country music, blending humor and narrative in a way that resonates with listeners.

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