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Fans are deeply moved by Andrea Bocelli’s surprise duet with son Matteo at the 2024 Oscars.

The 2024 Oscars ceremony was a moving occasion as the film community came together to celebrate the year’s cinematic achievements and remember those who have made a lasting impact on the industry. The event highlighted the exceptional films of the year and paid homage to the influential figures we’ve lost.

The “In Memoriam” portion of the event on March 10th was particularly touching, as it paid tribute to film industry icons such as Matthew Perry, Chita Rivera, and Tina Turner. This segment featured a moving dance performance set to the emotional strains of a live orchestra, honoring the memory of these luminaries.

A highlight of the night was when Andrea Bocelli, accompanied by his son Matteo, gave a heartrending performance of “Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò)”. Dressed in coordinated blue patterned jackets, they sang together in a deeply emotional duet that resonated with everyone watching.

The performance was widely praised, with many viewers sharing their admiration online:

“The pairing of Andrea Bocelli with his son at the 96th Oscars offered a poignant showcase of their collective talent and bond. Such moments underscore the unforgettable impact music can have,” commented a fan on social media.

“The duet of ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ by Andrea Bocelli and Matteo was absolutely stunning,” another viewer noted, capturing the widespread appreciation for the performance.

For Andrea, performing at the Oscars again was particularly meaningful, as it had been 25 years since he last graced the Oscars stage. This performance, with Matteo by his side, marked the 30th anniversary of “Time to Say Goodbye” in a memorable way. The accompanying music video by Hans Zimmer further highlighted the timeless appeal of their music.

Andrea expressed his deep gratitude for the chance to perform at the Oscars again, especially with his son:

“Being part of the Oscars once more fills me with deep appreciation for the journey of this song and life itself,” Andrea told A.frame magazine. “Sharing the stage with Matteo is a joy beyond words, and through our music, we hope to share our heartfelt thanks and love for one another.”

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