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Merle Haggard’s Craft Shines in “That’s The Way Love Goes”

“That’s the Way Love Goes” is a country song by Merle Haggard. It was released in 1983 as the title track of his album “That’s the Way Love Goes.” The song, written by Lefty Frizzell and Sanger D. Shafer, became one of Merle Haggard’s signature songs. Here’s some information about the song:

“That’s the Way Love Goes” is a reflective and introspective ballad that explores the complexities of love. The lyrics convey the idea that love has its ups and downs, and it’s natural for relationships to experience both joy and challenges. The chorus includes the lines: “That’s the way love goes, babe; / That’s the music God made for all the world to sing.”

Merle Haggard’s delivery of the song is marked by his distinctive vocals and emotional depth. The track features a traditional country sound, incorporating elements like fiddle and steel guitar.

The song became a major hit for Merle Haggard, reaching the top of the country charts. “That’s the Way Love Goes” won the Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male, in 1984. The song is celebrated as one of Haggard’s classics and is considered a timeless representation of his ability to convey profound emotions through his music.

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