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Young Shaney-Lee, 7, Charms with an Incredibly Adorable “Take Me Home, Country Roads” Cover

Shaney-Lee Pool, a 7-year-old talent, captured hearts with his incredibly charming rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” on The Voice Kids, quickly amassing 63 million views. His performance, infused with a sweet, angelic vocal quality, had the audience standing and cheering for the young Bristol native’s interpretation of the John Denver hit.

British pop sensation Pixie Lott was moved to turn her chair for Shaney-Lee at the conclusion of his act, ensuring his spot on the UK edition of the show. Shaney-Lee’s passion for country music aligns well with his countryside upbringing on a farm close to Bristol Airport, home to a diverse collection of animals and his beloved Shetland pony, Bobby Brown, who made a special appearance as Shaney-Lee rode him to the studio in this clip:

During his audition interview, Shaney-Lee expressed his fondness for country and Western tunes, mentioning a memorable live experience with country icon Kenny Rogers. Music is a significant part of his life, with Shaney-Lee enjoying tunes at home, at his grandmother’s, and online. His parents, Shane and Tamara, are his staunchest supporters, with Shane expressing immense pride in his son’s musical gifts.

Shaney-Lee’s ability to engage the audience was evident from the start of his performance, earning immediate applause and adoration. His post-performance interview further endeared him to the audience and judges. For an extra dose of cuteness, Shaney-Lee’s battle round performance features him singing “ABC” by The Jackson 5 with Lilia Slattery and Jimmy Rey, which can be viewed here:

Although his journey on the second season of The Voice Kids concluded in the battle rounds, Shaney-Lee’s mature presence and confidence left a lasting impression. His mother remarked on his remarkable self-assurance, suggesting he possesses the soul of an older individual in a young body.

Shaney-Lee approached his blind audition with a strategic checklist, focusing on smiling, dancing, microphone technique, and foot tapping. His successful performance resonated with both the live audience and online viewers, validating his approach.

Shaney-Lee’s adaptation of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” skillfully suited his vocal range, differing from Denver’s original tenor. The song, a significant hit for Denver, achieved Platinum status in the US and double Platinum in the UK, featured on his fourth album “Poems, Prayers & Promises.” It remains Denver’s most streamed song on Spotify, significantly outpacing his other hits.

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