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Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Singing “The Fighter” in Car is Perfect #CoupleGoals

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman singing “The Fighter” in the car is definitely #CoupleGoals. The pair show off big-time chemistry right from the start with a cute little skit to kick things off. A skip on the stereo briefly derails Urban’s verse, but he quickly gets back on track in time for the big romantic chorus.

Urban and Kidman then sing the call and response hooks, with Kidman hamming it up like she’s a Disney princess singing to her paramour. Both of them show off loads of charisma in the clip, clearly displaying why they’re Australia’s favorite power couple. The smartphone-shot video blew up big time on Urban’s channel, with 10 million fans tuning in, as you can see below.

“The Fighter” was the fifth single from Urban’s ninth studio album Ripcord, and the studio cut features American country darling Carrie Underwood. That duo also looked amazing together in the official video clip, but nothing beats Urban and his wifey rocking out to the song in their car.

Kidman is a little hard to make out in the audio of the clip, but for the notes you can hear, she is definitely nailing the song. That should come as no surprise, as while she is known primarily as an actress, she has starred in big-name musical films such as Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!. Kidman has also joined her hubby onstage, such as when the pair sang “Parallel Line” as an acoustic number, which you can watch below.

“The Fighter” is a natural pick for a duet for the couple, as the lyrics are about a man promising he’ll be there for his woman no matter what. The song is also actually written about Kidman, as Urban explained to The Boot, saying, “it was just a very quick, quick song to write, because I literally thought about Nic and I and our relationship in the beginning, and some of the things we had said all went into that song.”

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