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Eddy Arnold’s Peaceful Performance in “Make the World Go Away”

“Make the World Go Away” is a classic country song originally written by Hank Cochran. Eddy Arnold, a legendary country music artist, recorded the song in 1965, and his rendition became one of the most well-known and successful versions.

In “Make the World Go Away,” the narrator pleads for a respite from the troubles and challenges of the world, asking for a way to escape from the pain and heartache. The lyrics express a desire to create a haven where the difficulties of life can be temporarily forgotten.

Eddy Arnold’s smooth and velvety voice, combined with the poignant lyrics, made his version of “Make the World Go Away” a timeless classic. The song became a major hit, reaching the top of the country charts and crossing over to the pop charts.

Over the years, “Make the World Go Away” has been covered by various artists from different genres, but Eddy Arnold’s rendition remains one of the definitive and enduring interpretations of this iconic country ballad.

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