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Johnny Cash’s Touching Delivery in “Five Feet High & Rising”

“Five Feet High and Rising” is a song by Johnny Cash, released in 1959. It’s a track from his album “Songs of Our Soil.” The song was written by Johnny Cash himself and reflects his skill at storytelling through music.

The lyrics of “Five Feet High and Rising” describe the impact of a flood on a family’s farm. As the floodwaters rise, the family faces the challenge of protecting their property and animals. The phrase “Five feet high and rising” is repeated in the chorus, emphasizing the severity of the flood.

Johnny Cash’s delivery is characterized by his deep voice and straightforward style, enhancing the narrative quality of the song. “Five Feet High and Rising” became one of Cash’s popular tracks, resonating with listeners for its depiction of resilience and determination in the face of a natural disaster.

The song showcases Cash’s ability to tell a compelling story through his music, and it remains a notable example of his contributions to the country and folk genres.

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